FULL MOON SATURDAY offers a rare glimpse into the chilling psychological warfare of the Cold War, and an uncensored look behind the doors of emergency rooms at the chaos and high drama that occurs in the trenches of emergency medicine, a breeding ground for the bizarre and unexpected.   It confronts prickly social issues: the costs and inefficiencies of health care, racial and religious issues, immigration, and worker safety sacrificed to corporate greed.


Much of what happens in the book happened to me.   I was there, and this is the way it was.  

I loved this one. A view of emergency room work, in the flesh, as it's rarely ever seen. It entices with well-drawn, believable characters, vivid, riveting scenes, the gruesome reality of corporate and human evil, clever plot lines, and romance. What could be better? This would make an engaging, fast-paced movie. But it also has the depth of social commentary, with a wicked humor. Dr. Ellis uses accessible language to spin together examples of dilemmas and conflicts in medicine, public health, and modern life. It all flows together for a great read. Find out what happened to the cat!       Amazon Customer Review